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Basic Driver Improvement Course - 4 Hours
Got a traffic ticket?
Wise Traffic School can help you keep those points off your license.

We offer two on-line BDI Course options - each with UNLIMITED EXAM ATTEMPTS:
  1. Our original text-based BDI Reading Course for $25.95
  2. The state of Florida's ONLY streaming BDI Video Course for $35.95
Learner License and First Time Drivers
Welcome Learner License and First Time Drivers!
Are you ready to hit the road? Wise Traffic School can get you there.

We offer everything that you need:
  1. Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course for $13.00
  2. Practice for the Driver License Knowledge Exam (4 Practice Exams) for $4.95
  3. Driver License Knowledge Exam for $17.95
  4. Prepare for the Driver License Driving Skills Test for $3.95.
Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course
Welcome Senior Drivers!
Are you ready to lower your auto insurance rates? Wise Traffic School can help.

According to Florida law, auto insurance companies must provide a 3-year premium reduction to insured senior drivers, drivers 55 years and older, who complete a 6-hour Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course. Complete our course for $13.95.

Like a few comments I read, it was down to the wire for me to complete a Basic Driver Improvement Course. I was quite impressed that I was able to print my certificate from the WiseTrafficSchool.com website so soon after passing the exam. And it was after regular business hours too! Your online course was super, user friendly and very easy to navigate! Lastly, Wise Traffic School has given me a new perspective on aggressive driving and will change me to a more responsible, focused driver who now values the privilege of driving. Thank you so much for offering such quality service!
- Chantal

Thank you so much for the great service and great price for the online Driver License Knowledge Exam! I will be recommending wisetrafficschool.com to my friends and will be leaving a great review!
- Cassidy

Thank you so much for calling and checking to be sure that Daniel could take his test. Wise Traffic School has excellent customer service! Thank you so much!
- Daniel's Mom

You have a very fine course, and your service is excellent. You are the best. Thank you, WiseTrafficSchool.com!
- David

I would like to thank you for your help. I will say that wisetrafficschool.com has one of the most desired aspects of business today, and that is great customer service! I will tell all my friends to use Wise Traffic School when they are in need.
- Cody

Can't believe I'm saying this, but taking your Basic Driver Improvement Course has made me glad that I received a traffic ticket. Thanks to WiseTrafficSchool.com, I've become a much more aware driver. Your course is very well done.
- Ed

Thanks to wisetrafficschool.com for getting my certificate to me so quickly and for no extra charge. I needed to get it to the Clerk of Court today. I enjoyed the course. You guys have been great.
- Elizabeth

Your online Traffic Collision Avoidance Course was a very easy way to accomplish traffic school. I hope none of my friends will get a ticket, but, if they do, I will gladly recommend WiseTrafficSchool.com.
- Robert

Your Basic Driver Improvement Course is very professionally done. I have not been to a driver education course since I learned to drive. I learned a lot. Thank you, Wise Traffic School.
- Anna

Wise Traffic School, thank you for having (1)- An extremely user-friendly website, (2) an excellent Basic Driver Improvement Course geared toward helping people pass the test, and (3) great customer service.
- Susan

I enjoyed your video Basic Driver Improvement Course. With the narration and everything, traffic school was almost fun. Thank you, wisetrafficschool.com.
- Glen

Your Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course was fantastic, I actually learned a lot and will gladly recommend WiseTrafficSchool.com.
- Cory

I just completed the Basic Driver Improvement Course at wisetrafficschool.com, and I would gladly recommend it to a friend. The course was easy to read, and Wise Traffic School's website functions in a very straight-forward and simple manner.
- Ann

Your Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course was awesome -- very easy to navigate, and you had the lowest price. Thanks again, WiseTrafficSchool.com!
- Carrie

Thank you, Wise Traffic School. I actually enjoyed traffic school! Good refresher.
- Howard

Your Basic Driver Improvement Course was great. I have already recommended wisetrafficschool.com to a bunch of people.
- Julio

I have now recommended WiseTrafficSchool.com to three people. I was very happy that I was able to print my certificate immediately after completing your traffic school course and at no additional cost.
- Sharon

I have previously completed traffic school via a DVD course, an in-person course, and now online with WiseTrafficSchool.com. Your online Basic Driver Improvement Course is by far the best I have taken. You should be very proud of it.
- Connie

You have an excellent on-line traffic school that contains lots of great material. Also, thank you for your honest, "no hidden fee" pricing.
- Stan

After taking your Traffic Collision Avoidance Course, I recommended it to my daughter because of the quality of your course and the low price.
- Laura

Thank you for having such a good course, Wise Traffic School! I took the Basic Driver Improvement Course at the library, and it worked great.
- William

To the team at wisetrafficschool.com - You all are so kind and cooperative. I will recommend you!
- Robert

Your Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course has made me re-evaluate my driving. I have been driving too aggressively and will stop doing that. You have a very good course. Keep up the good work, WiseTrafficSchool.com.
- Robert

I'm calling because it is important to let people know when they do a good job. Thank you, Wise Traffic School.
- John

I prepare educational programs for seniors. I want to compliment you on how well your Basic Driver Improvement Course is put together. I will gladly recommend your traffic school.
- Vikki

I waited until the last day to attend online traffic school. It was easy, and I got my certificate right away. Thank you, WiseTrafficSchool.com.
- Bo

I'm calling to thank you for your great service. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. I've done this before with another traffic school, and it was a real nightmare. Once again, thank you.
- Stephen

I am not a computer person so I want to thank you for the easy way your course works. I had absolutely no problems. Thank you, Wise Traffic School.
- Janice

Your video Basic Driver Improvement Course was excellent, and I'm not just saying that because I scored 100% on the test. There was lots of useful information. Everything went great.
- Russell

Thanks, wisetrafficschool.com! Everything went great. Your video course is a very user-friendly system.
- Alejandro

I selected your video option. Everything was great. Your traffic school was a lot easier than I thought it would be -- it benefited me a lot.
- Daniel

Your video course was great. You'll have more business coming because I just told a friend about you.
- Shaunta

I'm sure you hear this from a lot of people, but your course was very user-friendly, and I learned a lot. Thank you, WiseTrafficSchool.com.
- Jo Ellen

Everything worked really well. I received my certificate right after I finished your Basic Driver Improvement Course. Thank you very much.
- Tina

I did not have a ticket -- I took your Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course to receive a reduction in my insurance, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks, Wise Traffic School.
- Beth

Your traffic school is the first online education course that I have taken. Everything went well, and I learned a lot. You have a good thing going.
- Michael

Even an old guy like me was able to successfully complete the Wise Traffic School Basic Driver Improvement Course with no problems. Great program. I will gladly recommend you.
- Scott

WiseTrafficSchool.com - Thank you for providing such a high quality product at a fair price. I could not be more pleased. So many of your competitors advertise low prices but have hidden fees. It is a shame they are able to get away with their false advertising.
- Ann

I thought I might be too old to take an online Basic Driver Improvement Course, but everything went well. Turns out your traffic school is very user-friendly. Thanks a lot, wisetrafficschool.com.
- Carol

I am the pastor of a church. You have a good course. I will recommend you.
- Lenard

I'm calling to compliment you on your great video course. Although I've been driving for over 40 years, I learned so much. Everyone should be required to do this. I will gladly recommend Wise Traffic School.
- Daniel

Your Basic Driver Improvement Course is outstanding. I am so impressed that I am going to have my son take it before he gets his driver's license. Thank you, WiseTrafficSchool.com!
- Richard

Thank you so much for everything, wisetrafficschool.com! I was extremely satisfied with your service! You made things so simple in every way. I would highly recommend you to anyone!
- Carol Anne

Thank you for posting my completion certificate so quickly as I need to turn it in today. Your online Basic Driver Improvement Course went very well. I will recommend Wise Traffic School to other people.
- Jean

I'm 70 years old and have been driving for many years. I must compliment you on the quality of your traffic school. Very well done.
- Bruce

All drivers should attend your Basic Driver Improvement Course. Well done. Thank you, wisetrafficschool.com.
- Michael

Wise Traffic School's online class was much more informative than the in-person course I took with another company several years ago. Thank you.
- Tylona

When my friend got a ticket, I recommended WiseTrafficSchool.com because you actually answer your phones and are kind and helpful.
- Suzzanne

I would gladly recommend Wise Traffic School to anyone. When I called yesterday, Rhonda was so helpful in providing my citation number and in telling me when my certificate was due.
- Carolyn

I want to thank you, WiseTrafficSchool.com, for your honest pricing.
- Joseph

I want to thank you for your helpfulness. Before taking your online Basic Driver Improvement Course, I called your office, and you were very helpful in explaining everything I needed to do with my ticket, you answered a question I had during the course, and you issued my certificate right away after I completed my course. Again, thank you very much, Wise Traffic School.
- Timothy

Your traffic school has actually made an impact on my driving. I'm leaving early for work this morning so I won't be rushed.
- Erik

Your online traffic school is very good. I'm 60 years old and have been driving since I was 16, and yet I actually learned something new about driving. Again, thank you, wisetrafficschool.com.
- Rebecca

About 15 years ago I attended traffic school with another company. Your online traffic school was much better. I learned a lot. Thank you.
- Dianne

Great School. Great service. Thank you, WiseTrafficSchool.com.
- Bob

Your Basic Driver Improvement Course was outstanding. Everything worked as advertised. Thank you. I will gladly recommend wisetrafficschool.com.
- Victor

Thanks very much. Your online traffic school is excellent. Best one I've ever attended.
- Larry

Whoever wrote the Wise Traffic School curriculum did a really good job. This may sound strange, but in a way, I'm actually glad that I got a ticket because I have learned so much attended your online traffic school.
- Martha

Thank you so much, WiseTrafficSchool.com! You really went above and beyond anything I would have expected where customer service is concerned.
- Lucy

Your excellent traffic school is making me a safer driver. Everyone should take your Basic Driver Improvement Course.
- Julie

Your course was fabulous. I’ve attended other online traffic schools in the past, and wisetrafficschool.com was so much better. Your course is very well-written, and it really got through to me. Thank you. I’ll gladly recommend you.
- Sheila

Your Basic Driver Improvement Course is excellent. I went to an in-person course a while back and learned absolutely nothing. I learned a lot from your internet traffic school -- things that I am actually using in my driving. Thank you.
- Brian

You run a fantastic online traffic school. A while back I took a course from another company, and it was not as well-written, and the information provided was not very helpful. This time, completing a course with Wise Traffic School has made this whole experience very beneficial.
- Whitney